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March 5-12 (Sunday to Sunday)

For immediate release:
Contact: Tammy Brzeczkowski 9208224450

For the past five years, Promote Pulaski, Inc. a 501c3 nonprofit corporation has helped to promote Pulaski by hosting “Casimir Pulaski Days”  #CasimirPulaskiDays along with many businesses and organizations that have sponsored the event. Casimir Pulaski Day is a holiday celebrated around the country, on the first Monday in March, honoring revolutionary war hero, General Casimir Pulaski. One of our goals has been to educate individuals about Count Pulaski, and why our community was named after this revolutionary war hero. We also want to bring awareness to not only our residents of Pulaski, but to neighboring communities, the schools and businesses. In addition, make help Pulaski to grow in the areas of business and tourism. Pulaski is a great place to live, work and play; so promoting various events, business and organizations is what we are doing.

This year the event will be held, Sunday to Sunday, March 5 through March 12, 2017. The committee is currently planning the event (tentative) that is intended to make Pulaski a destination in March. Because of the amazing response to the EDDM last year, we are currently looking for business to promote themselves through this media again. If you would like an opportunity to advertise on the mailer with a coupon for your business, the cost is $175. This is mailed to over 2,000 residents in and around the Pulaski area. It’s a great opportunity businesses to gain exposure and promote Pulaski. There are other sponsorships and ways that organizations can participate as well such as: website sponsorship, passport to Pulaski sponsorship, window decorating contest and more. Details will be coming soon. Casimir Pulaski Day is an event of Promote Pulaski, Inc., which is a nonprofit 501c3 organization that promotes educating, marketing and building business and tourism in Pulaski, Wisconsin and surrounding communities focusing on Pulaski’s uniqueness and historic past. The Casimir Pulaski committee meets regularly and is encouraging, business, organizations and schools to finalize plans for the event. For more information on Casimir Pulaski Week, or if you have an organization that would like to register†to participate visit the website: , or contact Dawn or Tammy at for more information.